I have a problem. I hate not knowing!! So there’s heaps of things I need to figure out. My main interests are science, environmental conservation and policy, and the odd adventure every now and then..

My name is Tine Stausholm, though to some I am better known as the lion tamer (something I blame one of my Swedish friends for). Born and raised in Denmark, I was blessed with lots of curiosity and restless feet. This has led me far and wide over the years. I have studied, volunteered and worked in a lot of places; from the rainforests of Borneo (when they still existed), over the African savannah to the coral reefs of the Caribbean.

Why albatrosses? Well, because they are very efficient travellers covering great distances with ease, some consider them lucky, and they have inspired one of my favourite sketches of all times (if you have to ask, shame on you). But most of all because it doesn’t really make any sense 🙂

I live in Brussels, for now..