I work as a freelance writer and media analyst for The Knife of Aristotle – ethical media. I also write about biodiversity and ecosystem policy for Politheor European Policy Network. I have contributed stories on the ethics of NGOs and the environmental consequences of the Rio Olympics amongst other things, some of which are also published on my blog.

I have published a number of articles for magazines in Denmark on subjects like animal behaviour, evolution, biodiversity and enviromental conservation. I have written a chapter on the distribution of mammals on smaller islands in Denmark for the Danish Mammal Atlas, which is available online here (in Danish).

In 2011 I wrote an article about my time in Zambia for The Horn, the member magazine of Save the Rhino International. You can read it here (page 10).

For my MSc dissertation I studied island biogeopgraphy of small mammals. You can download the report here. For my BSc I studied the effects of selective logging on flying insects in lowland tropical rainforest. You can find the final report here.